Believe it or not, you’re about to fall in love.

The Dominican Republic stands out among the most exciting countries in this area of the Caribbean Sea. Virtually borderless, very close to the eastern coast of North America and just a few hours flight from the countries of Western Europe and what a more magnificent adventure than a cruise trip with a journey that brings people from other latitudes with really extreme climates to This haven is the Caribbean Sea with crystal clear waters, fantastic waves, whose mists of the sea for the dark glasses of tourists, fanning desires to live, to enjoy such a beautiful sight. Wonderful places for lodging, exquisite food, rich in seafood, music that invites you to revive the soul, to smile at life and most importantly to interact with the culture of the beautiful people of the Caribbean and with the people or people of this Wonderful land Quisqueyana.

The Dominican Republic is well known for its rich cultural heritage and its reputation as a merengue country, crystalline and beautiful beaches, beautiful people, stable weather throughout the year, security and a host of tourist activities to discover all along the length and breadth of This beautiful island.

The richness and diversity of the cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic is a product of the interaction of indigenous, African and European cultures, expressed throughout the national territory through tangible manifestations of high value. The original Historical Cultural Patrimony in all the America owns the Dominican Republic: The Alcázar de Colón, the Primate Cathedral of America, the Ozama Fortress, the Museum of the Royal Houses, the National Botanical Garden, the Malecón de Santo Domingo and the Palace of Fine Arts were chosen as the Seven Treasures of the Cultural and Material Heritage of Santo Domingo.

Today, Dominican Republic is a Latin American country in the Caribbean Sea, contemporary, with an international character and a generous spirit towards all, and is the main reason why tourists love to come here.